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White Star Sumar Kennel Samoyed

A dog is a man’s friend. A Samoyed dog is a wonderful companion, friendly neighbor and just a gentle pet. If you decided to buy a Samoyed puppy, do not forget to consult the information about his maintenance, about the way how to take care of him and about its character.

History of the origin of the breed

The Samoyed dog is one of the oldest northern breeds. Place of origin – Eastern Siberia and the north of Russia. Samoyeds (Russian aborigines) used Samoyeds as sled dogs, for protection of the cattle and for hunting. And thanks to their natural playful and gentle character, they have deserved the right to nurse children.
Now the role of the northern breeds has changed in people’s live, because most often Samoyed puppies are bought as pets. And their natural feature – energy and kindness, is well manifested in everyday life.

Character traits

Samoyed dog has strong leadership qualities, and therefore it is extremely important for him to be in the center of attention, to spend a lot of time with the owner and to feel the love of others. These dogs are friendly to strangers, pose no risk to the guests in the house and other quadrupeds. They extremely love children. Willingly take part in the upbringing and care of four-legged friends (for example, if a cat lives in your house, the samoyed will play with him with great pleasure, but will never do harm). A dog is especially sensitive and cautious with young children – an ideal choice for a young family

General characteristics:

  • Height: female 53 ± 3 cm, male 57 ± 3 cm;
  • Weight: female 23 ± 3kg, male 26 ± 3 kg;
  • Lifetime: 12-15 years;
  • Color: white;
  • Food: not fussy.

A snow-white color is the best trump card and a distinctive feature of handsome Samoyeds.

How to keep a large dog in the apartment?

Samoyed puppies require no more attention and care than other breeds, but what really distinguishes them is their maintenance. They are massive, thus they need a large space. So a country house will be an ideal condition for them. However, a dog will not get bored in a spacious apartment as well, if the owner provides a regular long-term walking. It is desirable that the walking will be active and busy, that for sure will be useful not only for the pet.
The advantage of this breed is the complete absence of odor from the dog!

Home-based grooming is possible

The Samoyed’s coat is long and fluffy, which adds the royal chic to the appearance of the dog. Sure enough, you will be surprised how easy it will be to keep a large breed even in the apartment if you constantly comb a dog and give a bath from time to time. Interestingly, thick coat serves not only for heating in the cold season, but also saves from the heat. That’s why Samoyed dog feels well both in winter and in summer. The weather does not affect on the dog’s health, but the long separation from the owner can turn into depression.

Where to buy a Samoyed puppy?

If you decided to have a calm dog – this is definitely not about Samoyed. Vigor and curiosity, cheerful nature and mobility are the main advantages of this breed. And you can buy a Samoyed puppy in the White Star Sumar kennel, as we carefully select dogs and couples for their breeding. All animals have been made the necessary health tests, so we ensure that our pets are healthy and meet all breed standards.